Everyone is welcome into the WORLD OF YOUTHFULNESS, LONGEVITY and

IMMORTALITY with CHRIST. Enter and entrust your body, mind and spirit to

HEALTHEOS with DR. LEMUEL C. TARUCAN, where everything is a ring of

truth, a Gospel truth! And where no one can go wrong! Unto us, HEALTHEOS is

born! HEALTHEOS is derived from two words: "Health" and "Theos". Health is

defined as the state of being sound and dynamic in body, mind and spirit. Theos

is a Greek word used in the Bible meaning "GOD".





HEALTHEOS is a classic, unique, advanced and world class Holistic Healing

Institute. It was formed to provide people with components to live longer, healthier

and more FUN life. It produces products to keep people active, stress - free,

balanced and rejuvenated. It also offers unique blends of health expertise, anti -

aging management, beauty treatments, rejuvenation, detoxification, nutrition,

weight loss, holistic health counseling and a whole lot more! Likewise, it offers

tremendous integration of the best ancient and modern healing therapies:

Labyrinth (finger walking) Therapy, Aromatherapy, Color Therapy,

Thalassotherapy and Cymantics Therapy. HEALTHEOS is empowered by

Physics Phenomena, Ancient Magical Papyrus, Body Chipatch, Healing Menus

and enormous Energy Medicine!




1. Because science is imperfect and, in general, not scientific at all, while nature

is under curse by God and in pain daily! (Romans 8:22)


2. Because drugs (conventional) are very risky, unsafe and take lives without

asking for apology. Food supplements (alternative) are mostly optional and rich

only in promissory notes. But both can offer paychecks with insufficient funds.


3. Some components of healing arts and psychic phenomena like visualization,

healing meditation, etc. are just time and energy consuming and no better than

placebo effect. Pyramids and crystal energies are not bad but not better than

taking a nap. Pyramid energy is static and becomes more static when electricity

and radiation waves surround it. Crystal energy is dependent, needs invocation,

cleansing and recharging. Both are only fit as giveaways. Alexander the Great first

did it. When he conquered Egypt, he treated the Great Pyramid only as a

monumental scrap and gave it away to Ptolemy. Napoleon Bonaparte and his

engineers, after examination, only regarded the Pyramid as scrap and ideal

materials for building walls.


Crystals were never used in Atlantis or Lemuria for such cities never existed and

worst than fairy tales. Pyramid model and crystal healing testimonials are only

anecdotal but oftentimes equally as good as placebo effects.


As nothing is new, so as new is nothing. All things are empty, only empty as all

things can be.

Am I correct, King Solomon?

Verily, verily correct!


Dr. Lemuel C. Tarucan, the man behind HEALTHEOS, now makes healing at its

best. Materializing and implanting the aura of eternity and creation.


The two auras are best described as follows:


1. The aura of eternity - oval shape, yellow green, numberless and spinning at half

the speed of a bullet in clockwise motion.


2. The aura of creation - light violet double loop of energy; looks like hurricane,

numberless and spins inner and outer in clockwise and counterclockwise motions.


They are merging and overlapping with each other and vary in sizes.

What a beauty to behold! We only need a kirlian/aura camera to

photograph and corroborate the same. It can be implanted to all

matters, both spiritual and material world, thus unifying all religion,

races, etc. Anyone/everyone is a willing subject.


He can implant the same to the sun in our solar system in 5

microseconds, beating the speed of light over 400 times and defying

time and space. Thus, UNHANGING the sky, unhanging the



Pendulums (held by first timers) spin once implanted with aura and

even domesticated cat varied in awesome reactions when implanted



I wish I can humbly implant the said auras to royal families in the

United Kingdom, the monarchs and heads of states worldwide as

God wills it. Nothing material is as priceless than your personal aura

implant photograph.




In reshaping and transforming world's health, Dr. Tarucan implements Medical Phenomena.


As defined by medical dictionaries, Medical is from "Medicus", meaning "to heal"

and "non-surgical treatment of diseases". And Healing is defined as

"the process of getting well". Whereas, Phenomena is dealt by Science

as something described and nothing to be explained.


There's no monopoly in Healing. The right to life is our birthright.

It is protected by the Bill of Rights.





From the book entitled "Dr. Tarucan: The Last Man of Proverbs".


1. A Healing that is safe and easy, or a Healing easy and safe? One is better.


2. Better dwell and not reign, than reign and not dwell.


3. A life like Christ or a Christ - like life? One is correct.


4. Life is not "Now what, but, what now?"


5. Health is not to live by, but to live for. God does not work miracles, but God's

miracles do work.


6. Many possessed good health, some owned good health, few claimed good



7. Salvation is not a deal done, but a done deal.


8. Not what matters eternal life, but what eternal life matters.


9. Not the cost is priceless, but priceless is the cost.


10. Not to live a life fulfilled, but to live a fulfilled life.


11. The left hand can't do better what the right hand can do less.


12. A safe landing with an easy journey, or a safe journey with an easy landing.

One is better.


13. Not the song by its notes, but the notes by its song.


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